Saturday, February 25, 2012

Diablo 3 Hardcore Mode and Characters explained

Every game has his special features that makes them unique, and today I will explain one feature that makes Diablo 3 special, it's about Diablo 3 Hardcore mode which change a lot the way we play and experience Diablo 3. After you finish Diablo 3 on normal difficulty you will get access to create a character in Hardcore mode. So, what this "Hardcore characters mode" actually means ? It means that the characters are exactly the same only that they are mortal, if you die once than your character is dead forever, it can't be resurrected or they don't restart in town. There will be also some limitations in Diablo 3 for hardcore characters and they are the following:

  • You won't be able to use the RMAH, and it's logical because you don`t want to use real money on a character that you can lose anytime.
  • As i said above, death is permanent and every item that was on that character is lost forever, it`s not like you friend can pick up your items

    But there will be also some special stuff for hardcore character in Diablo 3, like they will look more flashy or have more prestige than normal Characters. Diablo 3 Hardcore Characters can also duel in PVP Arena but here the rules will be changed a bit because even if your character is hardcore you won`t really "die" in Arena, because in this way someone who is playing hardcore mode will have a bit of fun in PvP without the pressure of losing his character forever. In conclusion, I think that playing with a hardcore character in Diablo 3 will be fun and irritating at the same time because you can from pure joy to agony in a matter of seconds, even so i think that the idea of being mortal is something that will keep that spark in the game to pay attention on every detail in the game.

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