Saturday, February 25, 2012

Diablo 3 Release Date Update

A quick Diablo 3 release date update. I think we all know at this point how Blizzard likes to keep us on our toes with the Diablo 3 release date announcement, and even if most of us hoped for a late 2011 launch, Blizzard delayed it to early 2012 and now to Q2 2012. Anyway there were a lot of movement lately about a possible announcement of Diablo 3 release date and it started with the Blizzard - Activision investors conference call on 9 February where Mike Morhaime said that we will hear about the Diablo 3 release date in the upcoming weeks. It continued with a high meeting between US and Europe community managers and we can see some parts of the game removed so they can stay on track with the release date but yesterday we got a message from Jay Wilson where he assured us that Diablo 3 will be a quality game and also that we can SERIOUSLY expect a date in the near future.

In my opinion I think that we will really hear a Diablo 3 release date in 2 weeks because every action Blizzard is making with Diablo 3 lately are clearly in the direction of finalizing the game, and two of these actions can be the mass of beta keys from Blizzard, and the second for example is the stress test on RMAH. We will have even more beta invites as we approach the release so let's just hope that Diablo 3 will be released as soon as possible.

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