Saturday, February 25, 2012

Diablo 3 Co-op Gameplay

Almost everyone knows what Co-op or cooperative means and I think that the option to play with someone else in a game working towards a common goal can enhance the playing experience and also creates a great way to socialize with other people. Diablo 3 will also have a co-op system or a party system even if Diablo 3 will not a party-required game or with raid type content which can be accessed only in group, the developers are clearly focusing to encourage people to play together and to do this they implemented new features or improvements like:

  • No more global PvP. We all know that in diablo 2 there were people with great gear who just wanted to kill newbies for fun, this was irritating, so now pvp will be available only in Arena
  • There is a Banner system that allows players to easily teleport to the location of their friends in a game. Very nice feature !
  • Some quests and bosses are specifically designed so players can do them together to receive the nice party rewards.
  • Individual item drops, which means that everyone will see their drop. For example you won`t be able to see your friends drop or vice-verse.
  • Greatly improved Friends features.

    All these features are great but there are also some downgrades about Diablo 3 Co-op because for example the player which can be in a party was lowered to 4, somewhat difficulty was lowered, at least in the beta or fewer aura skills from which multiple character can benefit. To be honest i think that even with some downgrades the Diablo 3 co-op will be great and fun because there are many improved features over diablo 2 which will encourage this, to keep it simple it will be something like this: more people equals more rewards, can`t wait to play it with my friends.

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