Monday, May 14, 2012

All gem levels from Diablo 3

Maybe some of you will ask what are gems in Diablo 3, especially the ones who didn't played Diablo 2. In this article I will try to cover the most important things about the gems, their role, how can you find them, how you create them or what purpose they actually serve. I will present bellow all the gem levels from Diablo 3 and as you can see there are much more that were in Diablo 2.

First of all they provide special bonuses to attributes and they contain special features which can enhance your offensive or defensive capabilities. The biggest gem is level 14, of course the higher the gem, the higher are the bonuses and you will be able to find gems up to level 8 as drops, for the higher levels you will need to craft them at the jeweler artisan by combining lower level gems. Since the latest patches in Diablo 3 beta there are some properties that can apply when you socket items into items

  • Vitality
  • Defense
  • Life
  • Precision
  • Gold
  • Magic Find
  • Increased experience  
There are 4 types of gems in Diablo 3 and they are:





As you can see there are an insane variety of gem levels in Diablo 3. I wonder how much time will pass until level 14 gems will appear in the Auction House.

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