Monday, March 12, 2012

Lachdanan's Scroll part 4 and part 5

In Cathedral Level 3 and especially Level 4 you can find a few Scribe's Lecterns that drops Lachdanan's Scroll parts, which are journals that help with the story telling of King Leoric. If you ask yourselves how many parts of Lachdanan's Scroll are there, know that there are five. With a normal run through this are you'll find around three of these scroll parts. If you want to have the whole set, you can find Lachdanan's Scroll part 4 and part 5 if you make another run through Cathedral Level 4.

Same principle applies in the Royal Crypts with the Leoric Scroll parts, but they are fewer than five. So if you can't find the whole set, don't worry, you didn't missed any of it, you just need to log out, log in and clean this area again. You will easily find all the parts if you are interested in the story. I hope this information was useful to those of you who did not played the Beta.

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