Monday, March 12, 2012

Royal Crypts location in Diablo 3

Where are the Royal Crypts in Diablo3? You can find the location of the Royal Crypts entrance deep in the Cathedral Level 4 area. As you may know, the map is totally random in Diablo 3 each time you log in, so the Royal Crypts entrance will be in a different location.

This is a part of Reign of the Black King quest, where you must defeat the Skeleton King. In order to find the boss you must find first the Royal Crypts. I posted bellow two screenshots, one with the entrance and one with the Cathedral Level 4 map. On normal difficulty it's not a problem cleaning the entire level 4 of the Cathedral Dungeon, but on Inferno for example, you might consider finding the shortest path to the entrance in the Royal Crypts.

royal crypts

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