Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New skills revealed for each class in Diablo 3

Blizzard just updated their skill page with some cool new skill demonstration for all the classes. With this occasion, you can see some new monster types that you will encounter in the world of Sanctuary when the game comes out. Feels good to see other land types that the beta provides doesn't it? That barbarian owning mobs in that snowy environment is so epic. Or that Demon Hunter in the desert. The animation is great, the environment epic and the monsters look as they should in a Diablo game. Bellow you can see the list with all the skills presented in this clip.

Barbarian skills: Call of the Ancients, Seismic Slam.
Witch Doctor skills: Spirit Barrage and Sacrifice.
Wizard skills: Archon, Blizzard (my favorite).
Monk skills: Crippling Wave, Inner Sanctuary.
Demon Hunter skills: Rapid Fire,Companion and Evasive Fire.

New Diablo 3 skills demonstration video (by IncGamers):

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