Thursday, May 17, 2012

How to kill the Butcher - Diablo 3 Guide

By now all of you should know that the final boss from the Act 1 is the Butcher. Those of you who played Diablo 1 are familiar with him because he was the very first scary boss in that game. In this short guide I will try to explain how to kill the Butcher in Diablo 3 on normal difficulty. A few hours ago I has my first encounter with him with my Wizard, so at this time, I can really tell you how to skill the Butcher with the Wizard. If you don't have decent gear the fight won't be so easy, but not that hard either.

What you need to keep in mind when you fighting the Butcher is you are should not stay in the same place more that one second or so, try to run in circles around him to avoid that scary hook skill which can be quite deadly. Also, when the floor burns, be careful to stay out of the flames. What skill to use with the Wizard against the Butcher? Well go for the ones that make good single target DPS. For example use as offensive skills Magic Missile with Charged Blast rune and Ray of Frost with Snow Blast rune. Diamond Skin is a must versus Butcher especially if you play solo. Other defensive skills at your disposal are Wave of Force and Ice Armour.

 I hope this mini guide will teach you the basics about how to kill the Butcher boss with the Wizard in Diablo 3. As a strategy for the Butcher in Diablo 3 on normal difficulty, you can use a lot of mobility and hit with Magic Missile. After that use Diamond Skin combined with Ray of Frost to maximize damage. When Diamond Skin wears off start running again and dodge the fire and his hook. Repeat this until he is dead. I will post again a guide about the Butcher when I will play against him with another class or on Nightmare difficulty.

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  1. Thank you so much, this worked perfectly!!

  2. Something to note: For those who didn't notice it, the game will show a glowing red path on the floor when the Butcher is going to use his charge attack. Don't stand on the path! After he uses this attack, he will be stunned for a couple of seconds - this is the perfect time to blast him with everything you can.