Thursday, May 17, 2012

How to kill Belial guide

Belial is one of the lesser evils and he is the boss of the Act 2 in Diablo 3, a tough boss if you ask me because actually he has 2 phases where you have to pay attention and be careful because otherwise you will end up dead. In this article i will try to guide you in the fight with Belial, the Lord of Lies. I will cover how to solo but also some tips if you will try to defeat it playing with your friends, because in a party is a bit harder if you don't coordinate well.

As i said, Belial has 2 phases and the hardest one is the second phase, basically the first phase is really easy as you just have to kill the guards and then you will be able to attack him. In that moment, ignore any other minions and go fully DPS on Belial. At 25% hp he will go into a rage mode and that's the moment when you will see the phase 2 of Belial, where you really have to pay attention to his special abilities otherwise you will end up dead. The key in how to kill Belial in Diablo 3, is to counter his spells with your defensive abilities.

If you will solo this fight, depends a lot on the class you choose because in my opinion it's easier with ranged characters even if they have lower hp, with a melee character you always have to pay attention to his special attacks and you have to go near him to hit him, so with a ranged one you just have to pay attention to special attacks and fire from range. It's great that every character has a good escape skill like diamond skin on wizard or ignore pain on barbarian. Keep those abilities to get away when Belial is casting those imense AOE nukes. Try to move around to avoid his attack and if you are in solo play, get a follower with you. Obviously the key on how to kill Belial is to have those skills active that makes most single target damage.

I will finish this guide on how to kill Belial in Diablo 3 by saying that if you decide to kill it in a party with friends you must find a good synergy of skills, a vital one should be the healing of the monk and the wizard should go fully DPS while barbarian should make a build based on vitality. Also a good advice is that you have to switch to as many as possible single target skills because the AOE skills won't have the same efficiency. As a last note, try to use the escape skills only when they are really needed, even save them to revive a teammate and yes don`t forget to buy hp potions! And don't forget about the magic find.

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  1. On equipment:
    High damage equipment won't be much help if you get killed by 1 hit from Belial; his attacks do a lot of damage and can sometimes be tough to avoid. So for this fight, it can be helpful to equip Vitality gems (amethysts) in your sockets to raise your HP. You can replace them with damage gems after the fight.
    Also, don't bother equipping disabling skills like freeze and stun, since they don't work on Belial's phase 2. Phase 1 is not too hard, so you probably don't need those skills for that part of the fight.
    If you feel that Phase 1 is hard, then try to quickly change your skills when going from Phase 1 of the fight to Phase 2. You will have to run around and dodge his attacks while your skills cool down, though.
    Finally... If you are lagging, don't bother fighting Belial. Wait until your Internet connection is better. This is one fight where lag is even more dangerous than usual.