Thursday, September 8, 2011

Diablo 3 Beta Wizard vs Skeleton King Fight, all wizard skills

Here are the last 15 minutes from Diablo 3 Beta while playing with the Wizard class. You can see the full Cathedral run and of course the Skeleton King fight. This video is full HD and let you see the amazing graphics Diablo 3 has. When King Leoric is slayed, you can see the epic message: "Congratulations! You have defeated Diablo 3 Beta" after the amazing death animation. If you play with the Wizard, the encounter with the Skeleton King is easy. All you need to do is to be careful when he summons skeletons and don't get yourself overwhelmed. The drop from Skeleton King was relatively good, three magic items and one rare item.

Wizard vs Skeleton King run:

Bellow if a full HD video that covers all the Wizard skills from Diablo 3 Beta. Some of the Wizard skills from Diablo 3 beta are: Spectral Blade, Magic Weapon, Ice armor, Magic Missle, Shock Pulse, Electrocute, Arcane Orb, Wave of Force, Frost Nova, Diamond Skin etc. Watch the wizard in action cleaning Tristram Cathedral and defeating the Skeleton King with these skills.

All the Wizard skills in Diablo 3 Beta (HD video):

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