Thursday, September 8, 2011

Diablo 3 Beta - Crafting Items Tutorial

Here is an example of the Crafting System in Diablo 3 Beta. In order to craft items you need mats. You can get the mats from breaking other items with the Nephalem Cube as this player does at the beginning of this video. You don't need a detailed tutorial for Craftin Items in Diablo 3 because you'll learn as you play. All you have to understand is the idea that you can craft items from material. Where do you get the materials ned for crafting ? You break looted items into those mats with the Nephalem Cube.

If this video, after breaking the items into mats, he crafted an Apprentice Oak Wand, Apprentice Leather Cuffs and Gloves. As you can se at the end of the video, you can level up the Blacksmith with gold to gain access to more advanced recipes.

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