Friday, September 9, 2011

Character Resources in Diablo 3

diablo 3 health globe

The Life Orb represents the amount of health your character has during the game. Full Life Orb represents a 100% health bar and an empty life orb represents a dead character.

diablo 3 fury resource

Fury is the resource for the Barbarian class in Diablo 3. It builds up when you attack or receive hits from your enemies. It is use to fuel powerful skills from the Barbarian skill tree. When you are inactive or are not engaging any fight you will lose your accumulated Fury.

The Demon Hunter in the only class that uses two types of resources in Diablo 3, Hatred and Discipline. Discipline is used mainly for defensive skills and Hatred for offensive ones. Discipline build slowly while Hatred is used and regenerated more quickly.

diablo 3 arcane powr resource

Wizard uses Arcane Power to cast his/her spells in Diablo 3. In essence it works similar to the mana from Diablo 2 but is regenerated more quickly and exists in much more limited amount.

diablo 3 mana resource

Mana is used by Witch Doctor to cast his curses, diseases or to summon powerful beasts. The concept is: the more mana, the more damage is inflicted by the player. Any player will need to have some mana management skills while playing this class.

The Monk Spirit is somehow similar to the Barbarian fury but won;t get depleted while inactive. All monk skills relies upon this resource.

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