Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Death's Breath farm location in Diablo 3

Death's Breath is one the the most used crafting material, you'll need this also when you level up you Blacksmith and Jeweler. But where does Death's Breath drops and witch is the most efficient way to farm it?

Please note that Death's Breath drops from all elites monsters like rare packs (Yellows), champion packs (Blues) and unique monsters (Purples). It does also drops from Treasure Goblins. If you wonder witch is the best place to farm for this crafting material, my response will be to rush Bounties and then go make some Nephalem Rifts.

Also, it seems that the drop chance increases as you raise up difficulty, so I suggest to have gear at least for Torment 2 or above. Good luck on farming Death's Breath.

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