Saturday, August 18, 2012

Auction House error 31073 in Diablo 3

A few hours ago, when I wanted to post some items in the Diablo 3 Auction House I got the annoying error 31073. This is not the first time this auction house error pops up, especially during weekend time. I don't know why this problem occurs, maybe due to high volume of transactions in the AH and RMAH. By the way, I can't post any item in both auction houses.

I hope that the Diablo 3 Auction House error 31073 will be fixed really soon because it can be very frustrating to farm for hours and when you finally got some good loot, you can't sell it. Last week I got another error, I don;t remember the error code exactly, but it was fixed in a matter of hours. So finger crossed, and lets hope that Blizzard will fix this error soon.

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