Monday, February 27, 2012

The Fallen Star - Diablo 3 Quest

The Fallen Star is the very first quest from Diablo 3. Being the first, it is the easiest quest from the game and it is basically an introduction to the storyline. During The Fallen Star you'll meet Leah, one of the main character from Diablo 3. She is Cain's adoptive niece and daughter of witch from Diablo 1. Bellow you can see the steps you have to do in order to complete The Fallen Star quest:

  • Defeat the risen dead attacking the New Tristram gates.
  • Talk to Leah in the Slaughtered Calf Inn at the center of New Tristram.
  • Defeat the Risen at the center of New Tristram.
  • Talk to Leah.
  • Talk to Captain Rumford at the gate to New Tristram.
  • Defeat the Wretched Mother north of the gate to New Tristram.
  • Defeat the Wretched Queen and the Wretched Mothers in the Old Ruins northeast of New Tristram.
  • Use the Old Ruins Waypoint to return to New Tristram and talk to Captain Rumford.

    If you ask yourself where is the Wretched Queen, she is lying in the Old Ruins, among the Wretched Mothers, just northeast of Tristram. Have fun complete The Fallen Star quest from Diablo 3.

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